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Your wedding cake is one of those key items that can express your personality, show your flair and give that one special touch everyone will remember. Of course you’ll browse online for inspiration, but you don’t want a cookie-cutter cake. Here are the top 4 wedding cake trends you can fully personalize to make your own:

1)    Colored Wedding Cakes:

If the traditional white and ivory cakes do not inspire you, you’ll love the colored wedding cake trend!  Soft pastels in baby blue, green and pink; bold fuchsia, aqua, violet, red; even striking navy and black, indeed you can now have your wedding cake in just about any shade under the rainbow. 

Choose a single color for your multi-tiered cake, have multi-colored tiers, or, simply insert a single, pop of color between white layers. 

Soft pastels give you that old fashioned romantic feel with a modern touch. A bold, vibrant hue gives an ultra-modern, fun and funky vibe. Black and navy may seem to dark and gloomy for a wedding, but, paired with metallic accents, drip icing or bold, romantic colourful flowers, they can be the ultimate sophisticated touch for your elegant black tie wedding.

2)    Geode Wedding Cakes:

Geode cakes are absolutely breath-taking! With brilliant, vibrant crystals seemingly jutting directly from the cake, they look like an elegant and mystical piece of art!


Amazingly realistic yet completely edible, the “crystals” are actually created from a mixture of granulated sugar, rock candy, and sculpted modelling chocolate designed within the actual wedding cake. 


Metallic accents, hand painted details or actual crystals add to the WOW factor and make your cake unique. Rock candy is available in just about every shade to match your color palette. 

4)  Brushstroke Wedding Cakes:

It doesn’t get more unique than this! Make your cake a museum worthy piece of art. Hand-painted brush stroke icing is a huge new trend, and for good reason: it lends itself to all kinds of styles and themes and never fails to wow. Abstract brushstrokes, watercolor flowers or tile-inspired prints, these are paintings come to life. You are limited only by your imagination. 

Abstract brush strokes in bold colors can add a surprising pop to modern, minimalist decors. Watercolor flowers or landscapes highlight the romance. Hand painted tiles add a touch of the exotic and sophisticated.

Here are some other fabulous trendy elements you can incorporate into your cake to make it truly one of a kind: 

  • Geometric Shapes: instead of the traditional round cake, incorporate geometric shapes like polygons or 3D cubes for a touch of eccentricity.

  • Calligraphy: Personalize your wedding cake with a romantic poem, a special quote or a phrase that means something to you both, inscribed in a beautiful calligraphy font.

  • Macarons: Macarons are a gorgeously fluffy and sinfully delicious treat you can incorporate on your cake or on your display for a delightful surprise. Think macarons towers flanking your cake, or macarons cascading down the sides of the cake. 

  • Flowers: Of course flowers are perennial favorites. Floral accents can be larger and more vibrant than ever before with elaborate sugar flowers that look eerily like the real thing. 

As your vision for your wedding cake begins to take shape, think of your wedding setting, your colors, the little details that make up your love story, and how you could incorporate some of them in your cake. Pick a major trend and blend it with the two to three elements that reflect your style, then you’ll have a cake that is trendy but also completely your own.

3)  Marble Wedding Cakes:

Marble cakes are elegant, sophisticated, and completely unique. Much like real marble, no two marble cakes are ever alike. They come in just about any shade and will lend your wedding a chic, luxurious feel.  

Go for neutral white with black hued veins for traditional elegance with a modern edge, or blend your shades to match your color palette. 

Marble cakes also pair very well with other cake trends. Insert a bold color block between marbled layers, glam it up with metallic accents, soften it with lush edible blooms, or mix your textures for a truly singular creation.