Copy makes or breaks the sale

I help businesses and professionals define their brand, find their voice and grow their profits.

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I produce B2B SMART Copy that educates and informs, emphasizes
 solution-focused benefits, and makes a compelling business case that gets the sale. 


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I also help non-profits tell their story and raise more money. 

See here how I can help you increase your fundraising, grow your membership and enhance your relationship with your members and donors.


SMART copy is
SEO friendly and
benefit oriented

to grab attention and resonates to induce action and produce results. 

A SMART website:

  • Engages readers right off the bat with easy to find,
    relevant, useful information;


  • Induces action and closes the sale to grow your profits!

  • Is easy to find on Google, otherwise, what’s the point if no one ever sees it?


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Look at your industry thought leaders and you’ll see they have a trove of blog articles, eBooks, case studies, videos, brand stories, etc.


Engaging content that answers your audience’s questions and help them solve their issues is a key first step to making them clients.


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Email marketing can be one of the most effective weapons in a marketing arsenal if it’s done right.


What’s more, email marketing is not just about sales and promotional emails. Your customer service and follow-up emails are equally important to convert and retain clients.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is still the most amazing direct response marketing tool ever invented.

PPC success comes down to these 4 factors:

  • The right target market

  • The most profitable key words 

  • Smart bidding strategies

  • SMART copy to ensure that those clicks actually deliver a sale.

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SMARTCOM Copywriting provides assorted copywriting services for ad copy, social media posts, and all marketing copy such as brochures, sales copy, product descriptions and more.

Have a great idea for an Ebook or an article but it's not quite gelling? I can help you write it or rewrite it for you.

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How does each webpage, blog entry, email blast, social media post and PPC ad fit into your strategy? If you don't know, then we really need to talk! 

Piecemeal efforts take more time, and money for much  less results.

I can help you create your Brand Strategy, Keyword and Content Strategy. and up-to-date  marketing plan. 

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I'll inspect it using my SMART Checklists and give you a list of suggestions to make your copy and content stronger, SMART-er, so it can work harder for you and get you more clients. 

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