SMART Copy is essential for all your medical practice marketing materials to establish a connection with prospective patients and help you grow your practice.

Marketing your medical practice requires sensitive, SMART copy to inform, build trust and establish the human connection

Your most important marketing tool is your website

Patients who have heard of you from a friend will want to visit your website to see what your specialty is, check your credentials, and mostly, if and how you can help them with the health issue they are having. 

Conversely, patients who go online looking for a doctor near them in a given specialty are looking for the best qualified doctor to help them. They may also be looking for such practical information as office hours, how to make an appointment, and if you accept their insurance. 

Now consider a person who is struggling with a given health issue and goes online looking for information about that condition.  How does that person find your website? Because maybe your website includes a specific page providing relevant and useful information about that condition.  

These are some of the ways a website with SMART copy can help both your practice and your prospective patients. 

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is love also a love of humanity" Hippocrate

"A good physician treats the disease;
a great physician treats the patient..."

William Osler

Think of your website as your 24/7, trusted, knowledgeable, helpful and always compassionate receptionist

 Your medical practice website should be able to answer the following questions just like a trusted, knowledgeable receptionist should: 

  • What is your area of practice?

  • What are some of the conditions you treat?

  • What are your credentials and qualifications?

  • Where is your practice? How do you make an appointment? (bonus for you if they can do it online)

  • What kind of a doctor are you? 

That last question, “what kind of a doctor are you?” is probably the single most important question your website should answer. It’s not about your area of practice. It inquires as to what kind of person you are, how you approach patient care and healing, how compassionate you are. 

Your words help them connect to YOU,
the doctor and the person


 The relationship between doctors and their patients is sacred. Visiting a new doctor is stressful.  Adding to their ailment and suffering, new patients must discuss their most personal issues with a perfect stranger. 


It is through your words that prospective patients discover your approach to patient care, your values, whether or not you will treat them with compassion and understanding.  Your website copy must reassure them that they will be in good hands with you in every way.


  • Include on your website individual pages about some of the top conditions you can help a patient with, such as new procedures and medical advances. These are called landing pages. They help you get found online.

  • Gently request patient testimonials to include throughout your website.

  • Include on your website a summary and link to all your published speeches, papers and studies. This enhances your credentials and fosters trust.

  • Include a link back to your website from all published papers and studies. It’s a great way to boost your website traffic and your visibility.

  • LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for professionals.  It can help you connect with other doctors; publish papers geared towards a more general audience and get referrals.

  • If you’ve been toying around with a book idea, but there’s not quite enough there for a full book, consider publishing it as an E-Book.

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