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As any good hostess knows, when hosting a party, the more you can prep and do in advance, the less harried you’ll be and the more you can actually enjoy your evening. Yet, the “easy” and convenient appetizers are most often full of carbs, not great if you’re trying not not stray from the righteous keto path.  


That is why we have chosen for you easy, elegant and keto-friendly appetizers. All these recipes will wow your friends and tickle their taste buds without blowing the carb budget. More importantly for you though, you can prepare them in advance and serve them with a minimum of fuss. 

1)   Mini Vegetable Satay Skewers :

The savory peanut sauce served with satay turns humdrum veggy skewers into an explosion of flavor.


Use combinations of mushroom (portobello, shitake, swiss chard), zuchinni and squash. Check out this recipe from Primal Gourmet. Vegetables skewers can be marinated in advance and roasted in the broiler.

2)   Mini Frittata Bites :


Traditional frittatas contain potatoes, but you can easily make this tasty treat keto-friendly by filling your frittata with yummy veggies, cheese and even prosciutto. 


For your party, prepare your mixture in advance and pour into a mini-muffin pan for bite size goodness. They bake easily in about 10 minutes. Check out this recipe from Gia de Lorentis for Food Network

3)   Cocktail Meatballs:


Here is the great thing about meatballs: 1) Everyone loves them! 2) You can serve meatballs at every party and never serve the same one twice; there are endless variations. 3) You can cook them and make the sauce the day before and simply reheat! Meatballs are simply delicious bite size fun.  Here is a great recipe from Ree Drummond of the Food Network.


To make your meatballs keto-friendly though, replace the breadcrumbs and flour with almond or coconut flour, and the sugar in the sauces with stevia and a dab of honey.

4)  Chicken Satay Bites:


The chicken satay coconut milk and spice marinade is really in a category by itself. Really there is nothing else quite like it, especially when paired a zesty peanut sauce. So why not adapt it to make a bold, exotic appetizer? Check out this recipe from Damn Delicious.


Use mini skewers for a traditional satay, or serve bite size chicken medallions. Bake them in the oven or broiler if you don’t want to man the grill. Garnish your platter with lime wedges for an elegant touch, and Voila!

5)  Shrimp Cocktail Platter


If you’re looking for easy, elegant and keto-friendly, a classic, gorgeous shrimp platter is hard to beat. For maximum convenience, get the frozen, ready to eat shrimp (remember to defrost in the fridge the morning of, and dry thoroughly). Put in some effort to jazz up your cocktail sauce though with this amazingly zesty recipe from Delish.

6) Smoked Salmon Blinis on Sunflower Crackers  


Smoked salmon makes for colorful, effortlessly fancy and delicious appetizers. Transform traditional blinis into keto-friendly delights with Sunflower crackers.


They’re easy to make a few hours before your party and you can just take them out of the fridge and serve. Try this easy, delicious recipe from To make it even more festive and fancy, top it off with some caviar!

7)  Salmon Tartare  


For sashimi aficionados, salmon tartare is the ultimate indulgence. Zesty, rich and absolutely luscious, you cannot bite into it without closing your eyes.  It’s easy as pie. Strike that, it’s way easier than pie! Simply mix the ingredients in bowl and chill until ready to serve.  See this recipe from Epicurious.


As a cocktail appetizer, either cut the chunks big enough to skewer with a toothpick (about 1" cubes), or serve in smaller morsels with your trusted Sunflower crackers or cucumber slices. A dream!